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Are you ready to send your first letter to your friend overseas?

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"How are you, friend?"

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has brought about a sense of social disconnectedness and isolation. The youth of today are growing up in an entirely different climate. And so out of this situation, Project Osup was born.

Project Osup set out to spread hope and harmony by first tackling a key issue faced by our youths - social disconnectedness. We partnered Singaporean youth with friends from the Philippines, based on their age group and common interests. This initiative provided youths with a platform to learn about another culture and cultivate a deep appreciation for the long-lost art of pen palling.

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Why penpalling?

In this globalised world, we are so hyperconnected, spending an enormous amount of time on our phones and computers. We wanted to connect people in a more organic way through the traditional snail mail. Take a little step back with us and let your personality shine through your very own handcrafted letter. The fast-paced world can wait.

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